Welcome to The Tranquil Garden

I hope you will enjoy the journey I'm starting today. I welcome all your comments and questions on my blog posts and hope you will find my observations about my garden interesting and possibly helpful. I am not an expert (far from it!), so this will be a learning experience all round. I'm planning to do research when questions come up that I can't answer. Frankly, the only reason I feel qualified to write a blog is because anyone can do it! The reason I chose to blog about gardening is because I love it, and I think it's therapeutic to get one's hands (or gardening gloves) dirty by planting things that with luck, educated guesses and a bit of sun and rain, will grow!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Plantings!

I am lucky enough to have a good friend who is also an avid gardener and who is very generous with her plants (when they're big enough to be split, of course!). Today I planted the last of three items she generously gave me (thanks, Linda!).

The first was a perennial anemone that is listed as an "easy" plant if you look it up on the World Wide Web (aka, the "Internets"). I actually ended up dividing the portion she gave me into three plantings, which probably means I will be over-run with them in a couple of years, but they're so pretty I may never put them on my "love-hate" list. It was suggested that they would fare well amongst the hostas so that's exactly where I put one of them, the others ended up at the back of the garden along the fence.

The second is bee balm, which I have been wanting in my garden forever, so I'm pretty excited about it. I seem to end up with way too much pink and yellow in my yard in mid-summer, so now I have a lovely red bee balm (aka, monarda, or bergamot) to break it up with. This is a very tall plant (Linda's is at least 5 feet tall) so it needs to be planted with that in mind. Of course, I stuck it in the center of my center garden bed, a place of honour that I may come to regret!

The third is a purple butterfly bush that is potentially an even larger plant (6-15 feet tall). I planted it in front of the deck to hide the hot tub from the garden, but now I'm thinking if it gets that big it'll hide the garden from the deck... Oh, well, I can move it again some other day but I had to get it in the ground before going away on vacation, so I'll think about re-considering its home at a later date.

Looking forward to vacation, but will miss the Tranquil Garden! Happy Gardening, all of you!


  1. Love this Viv! Beautiful and charmingly complete.

    NB: Have you tried playing Bach on the trombone for the flowers?

    A balcony gardener (and violinist)

  2. Thanks, Sophie! NO, I have not tried the trombone for the flowers...food for thought!